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Search Status, page 2, 2019

Rector Search progress from January 2019 to May 2019

01/20/2019: The fourth meeting was held to finalize the 1st focus group sessions, discuss the survey results, and review our Project Plan To-Do list. A link to an online sign-up sheet for the focus groups was sent out in the 1/10, 1/17, & 1/24 weekly emails, as well as Sign-Up Genius notifications to the member's email addresses.

02/03/2019: The congregational focus group was held Feb. 3 following the 10 a.m. service. Three groups of 6 people met in separate classrooms for about 90 minutes. Childcare was provided. Five “special interest” focus groups were held separately from the congregational group:  Youth, Sunday School/Parent group, DOK, Choir, & Church Operations Volunteers.

02/10/2019: The last group of focus group sessions were held. Phone calls and emails were sent to those unable to participate in the group sessions. The results were summarized by the note-takers from each session and sent to the Focus Group Lead, Ashley Bryda, for consolidation into a report. The most frequently cited desires were put into a Word Cloud with a short narrative to capture the highlights from our focus groups.

03/24/2019:  The results of our Focus Group sessions were presented at our Adult Forum. A 7 minute video called A Peek into Life at St. Mark’s was put on YouTube, our Facebook page, and the homepage of our website. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbS5vBNJyC8

03/27/2019: After a preliminary review by the Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) and our vestry, the final version of our Community Ministry Portfolio (CMP) was sent to the Virginia Diocese OTM.

04/01/2019: The CMP was uploaded to the national Episcopal Church website (www.otmportfolio.org). A notice that we are receiving names was published on the Virginia Diocese website under “Open Positions.” The OTM office sent an email to other Transition Ministers for sharing with priests outside of Virginia who are seeking new calls.

05/13/2019:  OTM Portfolio announcement closed. Letters acknowledging receipt were sent to each applicant, and applications were evaluated and compared to criteria established by congregational self-study.

05/21/2019: Finalists were determined, letters were sent to those who did not meet criteria. Oxford Document Background checks were ordered.

05/29/2019:  Meeting to develop reference interview questions and candidates' interview questions.