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Search Status page 1, 2018

Rector Search progress from May 2018 through December 2018:

5/17/2018: Father John announced his retirement.

6/12/2018: Vestry met with the Rev. Mary Thorpe, Director of Transition Ministry, Diocese of Virginia.

6/24/2018: The Vestry met to discuss the process for hiring a new rector. Nine non-vestry members of the parish attended. The Vestry voted unanimously to pursue the traditional process of hiring an interim rector and selecting a search committee to interview candidates to be our new rector.

7/1/2018: Vestry began forming the Rector Selection Committee members. The goal is to have 5-7 people on the committee. No vestry members can be on the committee.

7/5/2018: Saturday, September 8, 2018 was selected to celebrate Father John’s retirement.

7/15/2018: The Vestry announced the members of the Discernment Committee. Bonnie Wilkins is the chair.

9/10/2018: The Vestry has requested Rev. Donna Foughty and the Rev. Michael Pumphrey to serve as supply clergy for St. Mark's for the remainder of September and the month of October. The name of a possible interim rector was received from the Director of Transition Ministry, Rev. Mary Thorpe .When an interim rector is selected, he/she will serve until a permanent rector is hired.

9/16/2018: Rev. Mary Thorpe preached at the 8 and 10 a.m. services and spoke at the Adult Forum to explain the upcoming transition period. Our parish and the Discernment Committee will be evaluating where our parish is today and where God is calling us to be in the future in order to build a road map of where we want to be. We will identify what gifts and skills we already have in our parish that will get us where we want to be and what skills we will need in our next rector to possess that will augment our existing skills.

9/16/2018:  The 8 members of the Discernment Committee were commissioned during the 10 a.m. service. The search committee will not be able to share with the vestry or church members who they are interviewing or what church they are visiting until a recommendation is made to the vestry. The search process will take about 12 months.

9/23/2018:  The first meeting of the Discernment Committee was an overview of the search process and how we plan to approach the tasks involved. Afterwards, a Google email account for the search committee was created and a shared drive for documents and collaboration.

10/21/2018: The second meeting focused on development of the survey questions. Eric Murchie-Beyma is the lead for development of the survey questions, roll-out, and tabulation. Two members stepped down due to personal or work commitments. Two methods will be used: Google Forms online survey sent out via email and hard copy surveys placed and collected in the narthex. Ashley Bryda will develop the focus group questions. Focus groups will be held in 2019, after the holidays.

10/28/2018: An introduction to the search process was given at the 9:10 Adult Forum. A copy of the presentation was placed on the website and Facebook page, and 30 paper copies placed in the narthex.

11/4/2018: Electronic and paper surveys were distributed. We ask that the surveys be completed ASAP.

11/11/2018: The third meeting was to develop focus group questions. Father John Hall dropped in to offer assistance when needed. We worked on the questions and planned to conduct listening sessions with groups of less than 9 people in Jan-Feb 2019.

12/31/2018: Fifty-one surveys were completed by parishioners.The survey closed on December 31, 2018. The survey results were published on Feb. 10, 2019