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Parish Organizational Plan and Standard Operating Procedures

1. The St. Mark's Organization Plan is the overall description of our programs and ministries.  It is based on Christ’s teachings. God sent Christ to preach the Good News of Salvation, to teach, and to love and serve us.  The organization plan describes the responsibilites beyond the clergy's spiritual and pastoral leadership.  It briefly consists of the activities involved with:

  • Prayer and worship of God (Nurturing Ministry)
  • Gaining knowledge of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit (Knowing Ministry)
  • Apostolic action to love and serve (Serving Ministry)
  • Necessary action to support the above missions (Administration)
Within each of the ministries, programs are established to accomplish the church’s mission. All ministries and programs need dedicated leaders, and members of the congregation are encouraged to accept God’s call to step up as leaders. All leaders are responsible to the Vestry, which in turn is responsible to the congregation and the Diocese to ensure the accomplishment of God’s work.

The Organizational Plan is found at this link.

2. The Standard Operating Procedures decribe the procedures involved in carrying out these activities.  It may be found at the Standard Operating Procedures page or by clicking here.