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United Community

United CommunityEach week, St. Mark's Episcopal Church collects food or other non-perishable items for the United Community Food Pantry. These items are placed in the basket in the Sanctuary entrance. The basket is presented at the offertory. Please remember to pick up items for our collection during your regular grocery shopping. 

United Community soup collection
7511 Fordson Road
Alexandria, VA
Telephone: 703-768-7106 ext. 301

The Food Pantry:  United Community provides supplemental groceries to an average of 300-400 families each week.See the complete list of items needed at this link. Examples of needed items are:

Food: Canned meat and tuna fish, canned soups, canned fruites and vegetables, canned beans, pasta, rice, tomato sauce, cereal, oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, jelly, dry milk and baby food.

For homeless clients who have no means to cook or refrigerate: Small boxes of juice, small boxes of cereal, pop-top cans of meat, pop-top cans of fruit, applesauce, raisins, and nutritional bars.

Diaper Collection



Miscellaneous: Diapers, paper shopping and plastic grocery bags, sandwich size ziploc bags, disposable utensils and small toiletries.

Furniture & Household Items:  United Community operates the The Back Porch Thrift Store where 100% of the store proceeds stay in the community.Donations of housewares, clothing, and furniture are accepted at their back door. You can also schedule pick-up of large furniture items. See The Back Porch Thrift Store website for details.