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Giving to St. Mark's

St. Mark's need your help!

The pandemic has had a great impact for us and for our community. We strive to set an example of Christian love and hospitality through our worship and Sunday fellowship, but much more goes on through the week that need your financial support.

We will soon be re-opening our doors to activities for Scouts, other religious congregations, and joint services with the Potomac Region churches.

Your Pledge, however large or small, keeps our doors and hearts open and our many ministries and outreach efforts alive.We we invite you to prayfully consider pledging to the operations of our parish.

Pledging Matters: We depend on your pledges for almost all of our income. We ask that you give to St. Mark's what you are able.

 3 Ways to Give

1. Pledges are gifts used for annual operating expenses and are usually fulfilled weekly, monthly, or annually.

2. A one time gift can help pay down the principle payment on our mortgage. Or, make an additional gift towards our capital projects (HVAC, building repairs, etc.).

3. Planned giving allows you to leave a gift to St. Mark's in your wills or estate planning. These gifts are invested with the Diocese of Virginia's Investment Trust and the interest is used for operating costs.