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How We Serve

Serve the Lord         Serve God, Serve Others!


Even the smallest tasks of service are important to the Lord.



**Worship Ministry Volunteers-- See Quarterly Server Schedule in "News Room" on Home Page for your assigned dates

St. Mark's has many ministries where you can volunteer to share your gifts and talents.  Check out the different opportunities to service at these pages: Worship Ministries, Education Ministries, Fellowship Ministries, and Stewardship Ministries

  • Already serving on one of these ministries? You will find guidelines and instructions to follow on these pages as well.

  •  Don't think you have the skills? Worship leaders will provide training.  These leaders assist the Rector in areas such as planning worship and special events, recruiting leaders and volunteers for Worship program activities, and conducting training. 

  • Please contact the church office or complete the Contact Form if you'd like to volunteer for one of these activities.

Not sure about the commitment?  Not sure if you would enjoy the task?

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church understands the hesitation and welcomes you to come join one of the ministries on a trial basis. This could be a short-term commitment on your part but certainly would provide the ministries with an extra pair of “helping hands”.

Several of our ministries are established and could teach floral arranging, managing the altar, cooking meals, helping with coffee hour. Our ministries schedule on quarterly basis, could you commit to a couple of days over 3 consecutive months?  Please see one of the vestry members and they can introduce you to the appropriate person to get you started. 

Find your calling, share your gifts!You can Make a Difference