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Father John's Retirement Announcement


Dear Friends and Members of St. Mark’s,

After 21 years as your Rector, I believe the time for my retirement has arrived. I have had the pleasure of being your Rector all these years, including the ones that you allowed me to serve as a Chaplain to our nation’s military. Together we have shared much of life. You prayed for me and my family when I was deployed to Bosnia, then Iraq. You have been with me in the journey with our three children and the celebrations of their lives. You have also blessed us by supporting the ministry of my wife, Beverly, who has always been a critical and important part of my life and ministry here with you. It is my hope to serve as your Rector until September 30th, with September 9th my last Sunday. After our mission trip at the end of June, and until September, I hope to take five weeks of vacation so that I can make repairs to a house I have bought in Randolph, New Hampshire. My wife Beverly will continue as Rector of St. Andrew’s, Leonardtown, Maryland and we will continue to keep our house in Alexandria for the time being. St. Mark’s has always been blessed with outstanding Vestry members and Wardens. It is now their duty to follow up with the Bishop and the Office of Transition Ministries. It is quite likely that following my departure, an Interim Rector will be elected by the Vestry. Please keep your Vestry and Wardens in your prayers during these days ahead. It has been an extraordinary honor and privilege to serve St. Mark’s.  I know God will continue to bless us all in our journeys ahead, as he has in the journeys we have completed.

Faithfully yours,
 The Rev. John A. Weatherly, Rector

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