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Bulletins and Books We Use

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Our bulletin is normally used for the words to the hymns but there is a BLUE hymnal in the book rack in front of where you sit in the pew. The hymn numbers are in the bulletin and on the hymn number boards in the corners of the front of the church.

The music is chosen to complement the lessons and the sermon, as well as the liturgical year. Hymns are chosen from three sources: the 1982 HymnalWonder Love & Praise; and Lift Every Voice and Sing (LEVAS), an African-American Hymnal containing a collection of spirituals, gospel songs, and evangelical hymns.

We are blessed with a talented music director and choir whose members occassionally sing to the accomplement of a guitar or play different musical instruments.

Worship Service:

Our bulletin identifies the page numbers for our worship service found in the RED Book of Common Prayer also in the book rack.  The bulletin contains an insert with the readings that you will hear read out loud by members of our church.  The insert, which is called the lectionary, also has the psalm that the congregation reads.