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Holy Communion or Holy Eucharist

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church celebrates Holy Communion every Sunday, although there may be exceptions.  After the Offertory, the clergy prepares for the celebration of communion.


John Hall with host

                     Bishop presenting host

ALL baptized persons are welcomed to the altar to receive Communion, regardless of your denomination. When it is time to go to the altar for communion, the usher will stand at the end of the pew in the center aisle and indicate when you may approach the altar. If you don’t feel comfortable receiving communion, you are invited to the altar rail to receive a prayer by crossing your arms over your chest. If you would prefer to stay in your pew, simply shake your head no and that is fine as well. 

When you go to the altar rail, you may stand or kneel. You will receive the bread in the form of a wafer or piece of bread which will be placed in your palm, by placing one hand, palm up, into the palm of the other land and lift them both to receive the bread. You may raise your hands to your mouth and eat the bread OR wait until the cup of wine is presented and dip the bread in the cup of wine. After receiving the bread, you will remain at the altar until the cup of wine is presented. If you prefer NOT to have the wine, simply cross your arms over your chest. If you have eaten the bread, please help guide the cup to your lips and take a small SIP.  If you have kept the bread, rather than drinking from the cup, dip the end portion of the bread into the wine.  PLEASE do not dip your fingers in the wine.

Come down the center aisle to the altar rail and return to your seat using the side aisles.