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Offertory Collection

After the exchange of peace, the clergy will go to the altar and announce that the offertory will begin by saying a prayer.  This signals to the worshippers that they should return to their pews in preparation for the offertory (collection). It is at this time, that the bread and wine are brought forward by the ushers and the table (altar) is set for the Lord's Supper. The usher will receive the collection plates or baskets from an acolyte. The choir sings an anthem or an instrumental music piece is played during the offertory collection. You may see individuals and the clergy using antibacterial gel. This is in preparation for the Holy Eucharist or Communion. 

After the collection and the choir's anthem is complete, we all stand and sing a song of praise while the offering and food pantry donations are presented to God at the altar. Our offerings symbolize both bringing of ourselves to worship and our support for the life of the St. Mark's community.

Bringing gifts to the altar                          Bringing offertory to altar