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What We Do

  This “At a Glance" chart provides a snapshot of our Parish structure.**To download a PDF file of this chart, Click Here. 

Org Chart

St. Mark's Organization Plan describes our Mission Statement, Parish Ministries, Programs and Responsibilities, and the Responsibilities of the Ministry Leaders. The first portion of the document follows:

Mission Statement

Opening the doors of Christ’s love; an inviting, embracing and serving community offering Good News in the midst of a confusing world.  St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (St. Mark’s) is a community where diversity is celebrated, children are embraced, and people of all ages, races, cultural backgrounds and economic situations are genuinely welcomed.

Parish Ministries, Programs and Responsibilities

St. Mark’s grew from a mission (Christ Protestant Episcopal Church of Groveton on Richmond Highway) established in the late-nineteenth century into a substantial parish church.  In 1991, a study group of vestry and congregation recommended a new organization plan, designed to shift St. Mark’s from a “family” organized parish to a “program” organized parish.  The parish had grown nearly to the point where a family-style organization would fail under the increased demands and the vestry shifted to a program organization to ensure further growth would not break down the parish’s support systems.  This organizational plan is in support of the 2 specific principles Canon 14 “Of Parish Vestries” from the Constitution & Canons of the Episcopal Church and Canon 12 “Duties of Vestries, Wardens and Parish Officers” from the Constitution & Canons of the Diocese of Virginia.  Both can be found on the Diocesan website:


This organization plan is based on the Five Marks of Mission and Christ’s teachings.  God sent Christ to preach the Good News of Salvation, to teach and nurture, to help those in need, to transform unjust situations and to strive to care for God’s creation.  These teachings were supported thru the early church and the Book of Common Prayer and led to an organization with the Rector as the spiritual and pastoral leader.  The organization of the St. Mark’s mission is defined into 3 ministries and 3 programs:

  • Proclaim God’s Good News (Worship Ministry)

  • Educate the teachings of God’s mission (Education Ministry)

  • Share God’s love and help those in need (Fellowship Ministry)

  • Be good stewards of God’s creation (Stewardship and Finance)

  • Support the church’s mission (Communications, Administration and Planning)

  • Care of the Parish facility (Facilities)