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Shrine Mont Family Weekend is Aug 9-11


WHAT IS SHRINE MONT? Shrine Mont conference center located in Orkney Springs, Virginia, near Bryce Mt. Resort.  Orkney Springs is a beautiful, serene community at the foot of Great North Mountain in the Shenandoah Valley and is located approximately 2½ hours west of the DC area. Activities include an outdoor swimming pool, hiking trails, volleyball and tennis courts, horseshoes prayer labyrinth, and other outdoor activities. The outdoor chapel is the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?   Click here to read the full details

Adults: per night   Double Occupancy $77.00; Single Occupancy $102.00
Youth:  per night   Ages 0 -- 3 FREE, Ages 4 -- 12  32.00
Camp Fire: $25 divided among total # of families
Hay ride: $100 per wagon divided among total # of families participating
Ice Cream: $3 per adult (or we can bring our own with toppings)
Zip Line:  See details at Bryse Resort website

PROGRAM: Storytelling--Share our family's and church's stories

SIGN UP DATES:  Preliminary numbers of attendees:  NLT June 15
                                  Final number of attendees: June 30


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