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Thanksgiving Eve Service, 11/25, 6 pm


Thanksgiving Eve Service, Baptism, and Virtual Meal

Gather with us on Thanksgiving Eve Wednesday, November 25, 6:00 pm

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84256598487?pwd=bXlGVGpvQSs1V0pNR1lhRkozSDcvQT09

Password: Thanks

6:45 pm - Shared virtual meal (same link)

Using an Order of Worship for the Evening (BPC p. 109) we will celebrate vespers and welcome Connor McDermott to our Christian family.

After the service, you are invited to participate in a shared virtual meal. It won’t be “virtual communion” but rather space and time to reflect, pray, eat, and give thanks as we celebrate the self-giving love we are all called to share with one another.

If you join our meal together – and we hope you do! – here is what to expect:

We will begin just following the service - around 6:45 pm.
Be sure your computer or phone is set up where everyone can see it and we can see you.
There will be a few readings from Holy Scripture, some prayers, and ablessing.
Via Zoom and in our homes, we’ll share fellowship and friendship. Pleaseprepare a meal, snack, or other offering for our time together – there will betime for everyone to eat and reflect. Simplicity is encouraged.
We also invite you to light a candle to symbolize our time together as sacredand holy.
You can leave at any time but know we plan to be finished before 8:00 pm.If you have any questions, feel free to contact Seminarian Jeremy Bradley, jbradley@vts.edu​.

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