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Response to Racially Motivated Violence


As a beRacial Justice Statementloved community, we believe in an abundant life embodying peace, love, and mutual respect for all. While we aspire to a community that is inclusive of all of our brothers and sisters, we are called upon to ask what we must personally do to meet that goal.

The recent tragedy resulting in the horrific murders of eight people in Atlanta, six of whom were of Asian ancestry has many of us wondering, “why would the alleged gunman specifically target Asian women?” This heinous act was motivated by the objectification of women, misogyny, and the race of the victims. We know that covering up or denying discrimination and racism is evil. It must be called out for what it is.

As Christians, we profess our love for all and we acknowledge that we are all created in God’s image. This means that as children of God we are all siblings. No one is “less than” and each person is to be cherished.

What will you do in the next days, weeks, and months to assure that all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender will be treated as one of our brothers and sisters in God’s beloved community?

Mission/Outreach Team Meeting, April 8
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